The Best Things to Buy in December

“Jingle Bell Jingle Bell and a Boxing day has come
Let go and buy whatever we have planned whole Month..”

Ya i know a bad rhythm but its means 100% to what it says. So if you missed anything to buy during Black Friday now is the last time to checkout all the checklist.
I have been wondering around mall and surfing all deals site this whole weekend and now the Boxing Week has begun. Definitely Boxing week is the week to buy anything in December.

Following are The Best Things to Buy in December in my hit list:

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7 Travel ideas for three different moods

How stressful is traveling? Holidays are here and every calendar is booked with long holidays alert. Dreaming to fly away from daily hectic work schedule, living days of comfort, excitement and getting fully recharged. Yes everybody have a taste for its own kind of holidays.

But there is probable chance that this excitement can turn to stress when you are not sure about destination and holidays are just there.  Continue reading

Week Pic Up : Four Pillar Rock Kodaikanal


Four Pillar Rock Kodaikanal MNTravelogPillar Rock, Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu’s finest hill stations) has become one of the main attraction due to the deep view of the valley and set of three giant rock pillars which stand 122 meters (400 ft) high. There are many tourist attractions to visit around this area. The chambers that are seen between the two pillars are known as Devil’s Kitchen. Continue reading