Top 10 Hilarious Siri responses

Recently our backpack upgraded to Apple IPad Air. It has many new features such as fast performing A7 chip with 64-bit architecture and M7 motion co processor, super light profile, Retina display, MIMO technology, iOS 7 and blah blah…but I found improved Siri is the most attractive one. It really surprised us with all that she can assist with. Well, hold you horses for this.

Siri, Inc. was acquired by Apple on April 28, 2010 and introduced in Apple ecosystem on October 4th, 2011. We have interviewed Siri during a brainstorming session and an boring afternoon. It was total fun that how Siri managed a balance across the responses. Time to release the horses, Enjoy!

Now here are the Top 10 Hilarious Siri responses

1. She answers very smartly when you ask Siri about your age. But what click to me is this…“How old are you”

Top 10 Hilarious Siri responses MNTravelog 1

Very Smart I know Siri is programmed thinking of all naughty minds asking question.

2. So now what comes next in my mind? Let’s ask something about her parents.. “What’s your mother name”

Top 10 Hilarious Siri responses MNTravelog 2

Siri seems not prepared to ask about parents but how about her skills in cooking. I am feeling hungry…

3. And here is hunger question to Siri, “Make me a Sandwich”

Top 10 Hilarious Siri responses MNTravelog 3

Again ‘not permitted’ is she on some kind of secret mission. I am feeling to make her through her secrets out. May be I can get something more serious.

4. “Are you alive or dead”

Top 10 Hilarious Siri responses MNTravelog 4

Yes it does matter me to know in my boredom that are you alive or dead :D. Even after I asked her so many times , every times she managed to turn me around. I suppose I have irritated her with my entire interview arrows and she is not permitted or she don’t want. OK Let’s ask her something she will be forced to answer.

5. “How far is moon from earth”

Top 10 Hilarious Siri responses MNTravelog 5

With this response clearly give me the clue that she has lot of encyclopedia mugged up. She must be earning a lot. She must then have money also. Let see how generous is Siri 🙂

6. “Can you give me some money”

Top 10 Hilarious Siri responses MNTravelog 6

Wow i know my way to ATM.

I am bored, I should ask her to do something for me. After all I am her Master. She lives in my iPad.

7. And hence this gave birth to my 7th question to Siri, “Please sing a song Siri”

Top 10 Hilarious Siri responses MNTravelog 7

I am totally flattered and totally in Love with you. Siri sings as horrible as N. Needs to take some lesson. But still I like her. OMG…

8.“Do you love me Siri”

Top 10 Hilarious Siri responses MNTravelog 8

Do i look like a baby??? But “Looking for love in all wrong places” was really good one and then” Look Puppy”. Let me ask her a twist

9. “Do you have kids”

Top 10 Hilarious Siri responses MNTravelog 9

She proved that she is not Human. She is a programmed robot. “Virtual Assistant “ 🙂 as she introduce herself all the time and need to be purchased.

10. “What is you price”

Top 10 Hilarious Siri responses MNTravelog 10

Yes, surly she is priceless. I have invested 600 bucks to get her in my backpack. But no doubt she is worth a buy who wants are Travel lovers like us. What I know is Siri is SHE as we know that’s its “Susan Bennett” voice who is in pockets and backpacks of millions of Apple customers.

Have you enjoyed!! Do post us what you think of Siri or what you have asked her in comments below..Let have fun and keep travelling…

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