Life In China : Zindagi us Par

Life in China MNTravelogDate 19th May 2012.It’s now almost more than month for us to be back in our country to India. It was full one year assignment that we had in China. And we enjoyed our Life In China. Coming to China was also excited . Last early December (2011) I was seeing movie ‘American In China’ which was pictured in Shanghai. I just wished that maybe I can see such a cosmopolitan city. Continue reading

Site Seeing in Shanghai

Shanghai site seeingYou have already read our blog about many destinations in china. But let us take you all around Shanghai. The place where lived and hang around. The face of the country and very nicely established.Here are the major sights of the cosmo:

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Chinese Dragon New Year-Spring Festival

Chinese-Dragon-New-Year-Spring-Festival-MNTravelogIt’s January the month of Hope, Wishes, enthusiasm and Power. As in our last post January is consider a month of new start and prayer in India with festival like Lohri, Pongal , Makar Sankranti and Onam . But the magic of this month is not only with India, It comes with much more importance to China. They celebrate their Biggest and Longest festival of Chinese Dragon New Year ‘Spring Festival’.

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Yandang Mountain Trip, Wenzhou City, China

Yandang-Mountain-Trip,-Wenzhou-City,-China-MNTravelogHullah from MN!!!

As my stay in china will soon going to ramp up so I was thinking of adventures trip. Meanwhile I got an offer from my Chinese friend to join their trip to mountain. After enquiring about the mountain I came to know that Yandangshan (‘Yandang’ – as name of mountain ‘Shan’ means mountain) is china top ten must see mountain. Yellow mountain being top in list I accepted the offer and there starts the excitement of the trip. My friend told me it will be cold there so carry warm clothes. Winter has an advantage that to you can carry fewer clothes but in turn increases the weight of woolens and jacket. But our trip was two day trip so I just carried an extra T shirt and night wear with me with Lot of food as being I am a vegetarian.

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Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Shanghai-wild-animal-park-pandaYou know what is one of the major attraction of China. Great Wall, Beijing, Shanghai.. Let me give you more hints. It is something with White and Black in colour. 😆 PANDA 😆 So this time its time to see Panda.The first option is Shanghai Zoo.But we read that the Panda there is in glass room and not very good. My friends doen’t advised me there to see. The Second option is ‘Shanghai Wild Animal park‘ which is awesome.One of the Shanghai Attractions. So we decided to go to it. I can categorize this trip as “Shanghai Day Trip”. But before the real story, some quick sneak peek 🙂 Continue reading