Valentine day – new creative ideas for week celebration


You may express your love on any day but what could be most appropriate day other than Valentine day. A day when aroma of love booms the air, when every walk, every corner looks beautiful, cute and romantic. Yes a unsaid truth, the Most Exciting and loved day of year. Everywhere there are Red Hearts, roses, chocolates and kisses. Continue reading

So what the hell had we been doing ?

So what the hell had we been doing since last few weeks. No update, no post, no comments. I mean,  I have been feeling like sleeping all over last weeks. But actually we are not. The catch is M was working round the clock to give new life to our travel blog, . The changes made in terms of looks, performance, …??? Continue reading

3 years of Travel Blogging – Lessons Learned

Time flies so fast leaving behind moments to be cherished. All this started 3 years ago with nothing more than to create better memories for life. And now we are in love completely after 3 years of Travel Blogging – Lessons Learned.

Being IT professional and living life of digital nomad, we thought of sharing what we experienced in our various travels to places and what one can expect from a travel location. Continue reading

10 Best bikes -Toronto motorcycle show

Each and every year, North American International Motorcycle Supershow attracts floods of motorcycle enthusiasts and many well-known and custom bike retailers to Toronto motorcycle show. We choose the 10 Best bikes -Toronto motorcycle show. Continue reading