3 years of Travel Blogging – Lessons Learned

Time flies so fast leaving behind moments to be cherished. All this started 3 years ago with nothing more than to create better memories for life. And now we are in love completely after 3 years of Travel Blogging – Lessons Learned.

Being IT professional and living life of digital nomad, we thought of sharing what we experienced in our various travels to places and what one can expect from a travel location. Continue reading

The Best Things to Buy in December

“Jingle Bell Jingle Bell and a Boxing day has come
Let go and buy whatever we have planned whole Month..”

Ya i know a bad rhythm but its means 100% to what it says. So if you missed anything to buy during Black Friday now is the last time to checkout all the checklist.
I have been wondering around mall and surfing all deals site this whole weekend and now the Boxing Week has begun. Definitely Boxing week is the week to buy anything in December.

Following are The Best Things to Buy in December in my hit list:

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7 Travel ideas for three different moods

How stressful is traveling? Holidays are here and every calendar is booked with long holidays alert. Dreaming to fly away from daily hectic work schedule, living days of comfort, excitement and getting fully recharged. Yes everybody have a taste for its own kind of holidays.

But there is probable chance that this excitement can turn to stress when you are not sure about destination and holidays are just there.  Continue reading

Top 10 Hilarious Siri responses

Recently our backpack upgraded to Apple IPad Air. It has many new features such as fast performing A7 chip with 64-bit architecture and M7 motion co processor, super light profile, Retina display, MIMO technology, iOS 7 and blah blah…but I found improved Siri is the most attractive one. It really surprised us with all that she can assist with. Well, hold you horses for this. Continue reading

Our New Year toy!

Our new year toyWelcome back friends. Happy New Year! Hope you had a good one. We decided to push back our posts for this one, eagerly waiting for our new year toy. The order for which is accepted, rejected, cancelled, reordered and delayed but is finally here to make you jealous :).

Yeah! It is beginning of a new era in our photography eyes and a extra travel luggage. Which of course M will be carrying :). Well this doesn’t mean that we left behind our loving ‘Nokia N8‘. It is still our best companion for photography and fun. Continue reading

1 year of travel blogging – what we’ve learnt at MNTravelog.com

MNTravelog anniversaryThe first thing that came to our mind
“How did so many things happened in a year”.

We had just completed our first anniversary of what we started as our love MNTravelog.com – quite a lot things surprised us by then. What started of as the small log of what we enjoy in our daily, now became a great passion to share and enjoy. We had definitely the times when we were just sitting and thinking about the top bloggers. And as the time passes learnt the things the hard way.

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