10 Best bikes -Toronto motorcycle show

Each and every year, North American International Motorcycle Supershow attracts floods of motorcycle enthusiasts and many well-known and custom bike retailers to Toronto motorcycle show. We choose the 10 Best bikes -Toronto motorcycle show.

As expected the crowd gathered was overwhelming, and halls were heating up with shining chromes, superbikes and choppers in most awaited Toronto motorcycle show 2014. Definitely a holy place for Bikers and their lovers with no age barrier.

425,000 square feet of exhibits! and FREE parking. All candies parked for all its lovers. This grand event this year was at The International Center, Toronto.


The eye-catching display was spread across 5 huge halls. Entrances were from gate 1,2,3 and 5 with directions for entry , exit and transfer very neatly managed. Tickets 20$ adults and 5$ for kids but No Credit Only Cash. Along with the ticket a 3$ saving Pass was also given for the upcoming Spring Motorshow. New floor layout for rides was no doubt tiring but a new energizer can be seen at all the corners.

We scanned halls for almost 5 hours and choose our best from the show. We started from the touring and cruising section ending up with Chopper and custom bikes, the most jaw dropping them of all. Lets start the ride to the show Wrroommmm Wrroommmm……..

Touring and cruisers : Starting with Hall No 2, this was for the touring and cruisers enthusiasts. Big brands like Victoria, Harley Davidson, BMW, Kawasaki, Suzuki and many more were showcasing their shining superbikes and cruisers for display and sale. Along with the companies, Travelers clubs and associated alliances were also present for the show making it a complete package.



Industry showcase : This hall was basically for new models showcase and after market products for the rides. Some of the rides really caught our eyes. Though N tried for a ride but too high to even stand on [;)].


Performance and racing : The bikes in this section was for the racer minds and many were already having history for previous racing wins. Among many some will astonish you by the amount of horse power and design used. Bikes proudly stood with their historic wins and adventure.



Vintage and Classics : Don’t worry the show was not taken away with the new generation. The Century of Motor Ride was the section dedicated to the century old rides which were always be remembered and admired. The solid metal and rusty looks were enough to picture the rock solid life they have lived.



Chopper and Custom bike showcase : I must say, one of the best hall in the supershow. Total wowed factor. It was hard to take eyes off each and every chopper and custom bike. Actually these bikes are owned by grands and were used only for shows and fancy. Though only flashy but they were simply the main attraction for many in the show.

Chopper and Custom bike showcase5

Chopper and Custom bike showcase3

Not enough to feast your eyes? Check out more at MNTravelog Flickr.

Are you a vintage or chopper fan? and which one you like the most. Write to us in comments below.

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