The Best Things to Buy in December

“Jingle Bell Jingle Bell and a Boxing day has come
Let go and buy whatever we have planned whole Month..”

Ya i know a bad rhythm but its means 100% to what it says. So if you missed anything to buy during Black Friday now is the last time to checkout all the checklist.
I have been wondering around mall and surfing all deals site this whole weekend and now the Boxing Week has begun. Definitely Boxing week is the week to buy anything in December.

Following are The Best Things to Buy in December in my hit list:



Time to redesign your Wardrobe. Winter Clothing like Jackets, shrugs, snow and spring boots are all on high sale. But the trick is the summer clothes are on high clearance sale. Perfect time to buy ‘nice to have in wardrobe’ clothes. So buy buy buy winter for now and coming summer clothes. If you are planning to get married best time to buy wedding dresses.


With Christmas , Winters ans New Year was goes with all celebration and mood. Yes its Champagne. May be surprising but even reports says that to meet the high demand of Champagne and to cut the high competition with sale the drink is getting lot more on discounts.

Home Appliances:

Want to save 400$ and have to buy a new Television. Plasma TV on discount upto 400$ on all leading outlets. Many of them are already out with their Boxing day deals flyer. Not only Television Kitchen Appliances, Tool Boxes are great choice for Boxing day sale.

Electronics :

Yes this is a viral. Pretty good in buying laptop, projector (Epson has come up with very good deal this year) , Home theater and camera. Last year we bought our D7000 M’s favorite in backpack.

Hotel Deals:

This is generally not thought of much but i am including in my chart as i found it very perfect for couples. You can find great deals across all hotels around Christmas till new year weeks. Nice way to get Regenerate our whole charm and welcome New Years with new zeal.

What is your hit list for this December? Write to us in comments below.

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