Toronto Ice storm knock down

Hundred and thousand of residents were freezed by the recent ice storm in Toronto and GTA region. The cars were all forced to skid even after winter tires and walkways were all alone and empty. People were forced to be locked in houses during this wonderful holiday season and boxing weekend.


It was a perfect time to take some ice crystals photography of freezed ice on all the places. The surprise came when the power was gone, it was a real fun as the life completely stops. Many were left without power as we did.

Fallen Trees and Tree Limbs are also a mess across and local authorities have raised alert on various portal and news for working as quickly as possible to address the damage. Power outage will become a serious issue if not resolved asap in winter.

The outage also happened in July this year when we witnessed the massive flooding in the region. Quite some extreme weather was seen this year. God save our Happy holidays.

Are we ready for the increasing climate change? What do you thing we can see in coming years?

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