Mysore Dasara celebration

Mysore dasara Mysore Dasara celebration is a Royal Procession with history of over four century. If it is so attractive now than its glory must also be 400 times of today. Exploring yet another color of my land we started with a crash plan. Yes this time MN went all along the land with glorious history MYSORE. Tipu Sultan the Tiger of Mysore and what else I remember is Mysore DASARA celebration.

Now our tradition with some Ancient Light:

The Palace of Mysore in Night

The Palace of Mysore in night during Dasara decoration, a beautiful sight to festive season

The History of Dasara of Mysore is over 400 year old. Dasara was first celebrated in 15th century by Vijayanagar King in Mysore. Since then the tradition continues and it still attracts huge crowd to Mysore  including foreigners.


Dasara festival in Mysore, crowd going crazy as procession starts

Main Attraction of Mysore Dasara celebration Procession: Royal Elephant March, Culture across Karnataka (State of Mysore) leading idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari which will place in golden mantapa on top of decorated elephant and yes on all the beautifully decorated Mysore Palace.


Mysore Procession main attractions, Royal Elephant March

Mysore-Dasara-procession ,-Culture-across-Mysore

Mysore Dasara procession , colorful dance group showing culture across Mysore


Cultural exibition during the Mysore Dasara procession


Mysore Dasara festival cultural colors in full glory


Cultural events during the procession for Mysore Dasara


Goddess Chamundeshwari in golden mantapa on top of decorated elephant

Interesting Fact of Mysore Dasara celebration Palace Lighting: The palace is illuminated by over 1 lakh of bulbs. So question is from where the powers comes. This time it comes from Bicycle.. Yes catch the articles .. Palace lighting this year and Mysore palace bicycles.

Do you enjoyed the procession this year ? What you liked the most apart from the Palace lighting 🙂

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