Tirupati Lord Venkateshwara

Hi to all travelers ! This is yet another of our great trip together, january 2010. With More of divine spirit in mind with us. We planned our trip to Tirupati Lord Venkateshwara in City of Pilgrimage to Tirupati. We started our trip from Chennai.

Andra Pradesh Tourism
Ofc address : 31/14 Burkit Road, Thygaraya Nagar Chennai. Ofc Phone: 044-65439987, 044-24353373. We have booked ticket fifteen days before. Trip options are as below:

First Trip 1100 Includes two days with Tirupati, Padmavati and Kalhasti Temple. It start at 7:30 pm and ends at 5:30 pm next day.
Second Trip 900 Includes only Tirupati and Padmavati. It start at 5:30 am and end at 8:30 pm same day.

Enjoy the snaps. As our camera and mobile were taken 🙂 so just few snaps but worth it…

We went for First trip but for short trip or shortage of time you may go for crisp second trip option. We started at 7:30PM from AP Tourism office by Volvo bus. It took us to a big guest house type place where we reached at 1:00 AM Approx and there we took 1:00 hr rest including bath and get ready for early morning darshan. Please note : Keep your important valuables with you. Then again we got in bus to Tirumala. And again they make us change bus to Tirupati in local bus there. All has been managed by Guide of AP Tourism. The Guide will manage every thing you just have to follow instructions. And finally we reached at Tirupati by 4:00AM.

We have deposited our mobiles and camera in one shop outside the temple premises. The deposit money was 10 per mobile and 15 for camera. Then we move finally to temple. An amazing chill and joy in the wind. Everyone were so excited about the darshan. But we heard that darshan will be closed by 4:30 to 6:00 AM. We were quite disappointed at that time. But Luckily we don’t know how, that guide talked something to temple personals and we all tourist were allowed to move inside. We all were moved inside by paid route (special entry). So we don’t have to wait in Long Queue. Now to see God, the Money matters. 😀 The Ticket fare which we can get from boards there in 300 and 500 depending on how fast you wanna have darshan.

The Queue of paid and general got merged finally when we reached near the mandapam. So we finally got a very nice darshanam. Lot of peace for seconds but was very divine. The lord was as such very beautifully decorated and was sparkling in light of lamps. We first time saw such a big haandi. An people was offering money in it in big amount. Even we saw all notes properly arranged in a transparent room.. I haven’t seen that lot of money :). It took 1.5 hr in all darshanam and we were out of temple by 7:00pm. The Guide were guiding us everywhere and finally we all gathered in the shop and got our things back and guide gave us our prashadam which have two ladoo and believe me they are the most delicious ladoo I have ever tasted. We took our camera and move back to temple to click the temple. As we have time as other also has still to come to shop. But Guide was always very managed and was checking all of us trip every where so that we all be together. Climate was quite chilly in the morning but fruitful after darshan and great view of temple.

Then our bus routed to Padmavati temple darshan. There also same paid darshan but here we have to pay for it. The Amount of ticket is 30 per head. And if you want prasaadam then 10 for two ladoos.

We left from there at 11:30 Am and then our trip move to Kalahasti temple and we reached there by 2:00 PM. The Kalahasti temple is dedicated to Kalahasteswara, who was also worshiped as a Vayu Lingam. The Vayu Lingam, represents the element wind out of the five elements of Agni, Vaayu, Aakasam, Jalam and Prithvi. Shri Kalahasti Temple is renowned for performing Sarpadosha (RahuKetu) Nivaarana Pooja.

It was very very hot climate in January there. We stopped at AP Tourism Restaurant for lunch, quite a hot place but food was fine.

Then we started our journey back to Chennai and finally reached to T Nagar office by 5:30 PM. The memories of the trip was all amazing .

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