Valentine day – new creative ideas for week celebration

You may express your love on any day but what could be most appropriate day other than Valentine day. A day when aroma of love booms the air, when every walk, every corner looks beautiful, cute and romantic. Yes a unsaid truth, the Most Exciting and loved day of year. Everywhere there are Red Hearts, roses, chocolates and kisses.

Shopping for the loved one. Lot of thought, lot of goggling. But why i have started planning month ahead of it? This Valentine , on the day of Love , we will be completing our One year of togetherness. Yes its been Our marriage anniversary. I am on cloud 9 for that day and so i will be sharing all the best ways i found out to celebrate the week and the occasion for all those who want to make it special again.

Valentine day : Creative ideas for week celebration

Rose Day

It will Friday this year. So time to go to work. Buy at least 7- 10 seductive Rose stems. All of different color just one in Red. Now you must be knowing the usual routine of your love. Which room, which cup board, washroom, dressing table and any other corner included. Put a Rose any color except Red at each and every place. So that it can be seen.


You may also add a note may be with different smiley. The last and the Red rose will go in the office bag. Place it in such a way that it will be found afterwards. Now there are chances that some roses get un discovered but the more you plant the more get discovered. But remember only one RED rose.

Propose Day

The perfect day as its is Saturday this time. So what i would do is. Choose a movie. A romantic, sweet and soft one. With a scene of proposal. Say pick up a movie in which you find having a best proposal. So set up your projector , pop corn, snacks, cole drink. And yes you proposal set up. May be same as the movie or one your own choice. Just watch the movie. When the proposal scene comes. Go ahead propose your love with same dialog. The mood, the music, the lights all in place. Nothing can make you away from YES

Chocolate Day

Now that you have got a YES proposal. Its time for some gift. Get a awesome packed chocolate box with the flavor of your Love. Courier it, or make any of your friend or an office boy. Set up the box in the office of your Love. Or you may also try going and giving a surprise visit to your Love with the chocolates. Wow i can’t imagine how you can be so yummy and awesome that day!!!

Happy-Chocolate-day-mntravelogYou may try some creative assorted chocolate. Like chocolate coated strawberries or assorted berries, chocolate bouquet or chocolate in shapes like rose or teddy. The choices are wide . You just have to choose one.

Teddy Day

This would be simple from me. Just buy a sweet little teddy or any cute toy. Get up early and place the teddy at your place on bed. Now i really don’t need to tell you what happens when your Love will wake up. Now if you are really creative.


Make your own Teddy bear. Like we have one in . Believe me that have your efforts and thought and time is much more worthy than the bought one.

Promise Day

Expectation is the mother to all discussion between couples. It varies from ‘Why you said that?’ to ‘Who is ?’. Now i am gonna use this to add some more spice it. It would be like a magical lamp. Where you have to give 3 vows and ask for 2 vows.


But the condition is that promises must be a small and must be something really realistic. It should not be like ‘You should follow what i say’. Common just be realistic. Giving 3 promises and asking for 2 is good enough for one year.

Hug Day

Definitely the day is of Hugging. First thing to do on the day is the big Hug. Now the preparation for the rest of day . Gather all the photos with Hugs, closeup, poses and all romantic one. Now i am making a wall collage. In what ever shape you like. I am choosing heart shape. It is a king of DIY project. Instead a wall collage you can choose photo frame collage, picture slam book or what ever you can think or want to make grand. Now when it comes surprise yes you need to need planning. So think .. Write me in comments in case you want ideas to buy time for it.

Kiss Day

The most romantic day before Valentine itself. Wow I just Love this day. The most loving thing that can only be bought with feeling. So what could be the best way to celebrate it other than with feeling. So dim the lights , play the music, and lets dance bare foot, kissing each other and just be with each other. No need to say more now..

Valentine Day

The big day, the day of Love. Thousand of ways to celebrate your Day of Love. So just be together and leave all your tension and expectation behind. Just be yourself and think of the time you first met. How i am celebrating I have booked a room in Hotel facing beautiful Niagara Falls view. All hotels are having Romantic Package.


This is to get little more of pampering. You can also choose something twisty. Like choose a hotel with ancient architecture. Having fun like Victoria horse cart. Making you feel like the Queen and King.

Celebrate the day of Love only with your love and love and love. Choose what ever best for both of you. Because its your Day , your Love and your Valentine.

What are your ideas for the valentine week ? and how you are planning?

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  1. I am enjoying the week very much. Tomorrow, it is Promise day. Though I do not usually make promises, but I still love this day.

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