So what the hell had we been doing ?

So what the hell had we been doing since last few weeks. No update, no post, no comments. I mean,  I have been feeling like sleeping all over last weeks. But actually we are not. The catch is M was working round the clock to give new life to our travel blog, . The changes made in terms of looks, performance, …???I wont be the right person to tell you the changes made by M. So I will hand over to M now to share all the changes that we are planning for all new experience for our friends and readers.

Thanks N. First of all it’s been 3 years of Travel Blogging and not much of change in the Aesthetics and experience. So we jot down the key area of improvements as we go ahead now. Not going to explain the inner details right now but yes we are burning the candle at both ends.

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Responsive layout
  3. Performance
  4. Color scheme
  5. Typography
  6. Content experience/ UI
  7. and many more…

Will try to keep it simple in the new life also. Planning to make it live soon but till then don’t be angry on us :). N will still keep the travel spirit.

Thanks friends and readers for checking our other travels. Also check our New Instagram page MNTravelog. Keep the like, follow and share coming 🙂

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