Day two : Hurricane Sandy through our eyes

Hurricane Sandy Mississauga We can see devastating effects of Super storm Sandy all across the web and news channel. Yesterday it did all the worst and continuing the same. Day two : Hurricane Sandy through our eyes seemed to be quiet, except strong winds and showers in Mississauga. But news from east coast are very unpleasant. Floods, deaths, power cut, transport shutdown across the coast looks horrifying.

So we thought to take a ride across to see the effects in our region. Not much damage in Mississauga, except some fallen boards, banners and the construction sites filled with rain water. We were still monitoring the weather here. Here are some snaps we took while on road.

Day two : Hurricane Sandy in Morning

Hurricane Sandy in Mississauga, Day two : Hurricane Sandy
Under the shadow of hurricane sandy.

Hurricane Sandy Mississauga sky
Morning Sky with strong winds.

Hurricane Sandy Mississauga showers
Rain all it is and still left to shower.

Hurricane Sandy on horizon
Toronto at Horizon and CN Tower. All in Storm Sandy.

Day two : Hurricane Sandy as it grows dark

Hurricane Sandy Mississauga clouds, Day two : Hurricane Sandy
Darkness of the super storm sandy, we are not scared sandy 😛

Hurricane Sandy through window in night
Heavy showers in night, not able to open the window.

We can see the destruction across the nation for the hurricane Sandy. But the only thing that keep up alive is will. Sandy come along will eat you like candy. Let the spirit be alive to rise again.

Are you effected by sandy too?  Share us your experiences.

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