Hurricane sandy Ontario alert

Hurricane sandy Ontario on alert
Hurricane sandy is here finally and growing strong. We are continuously monitoring the weather conditions and the updates from various resources.

Last year it was Typhoon Muifa when we were in Shanghai and now we are hearing the Hurricane Sandy Ontario alert. It is already been given the super storm tag. The expected hit is by evening today and we can easily see the change in wind conditions. You can check also weather warning by Canada weather office here. A lot of flights have already cancelled. The meteorology department has issued heavy rainfall and potentially damaging winds warnings to all residents of Ontario. We hope that you all have gathered the necessary food, eatables and aids for coming days.

Our Checklist for Hurricane Sandy

  1. A good amount of water bottle.
  2. 72 hr non non-perishable food supply for each member
  3. Ample quantity of dry fruits and chocolates.
  4. Candles and battery operated flashlight.
  5. Battery operated radio.
  6. First aid kit.
  7. Cash in small bills.
  8. Emergency contact numbers, friends and family numbers and addresses

We are also making sure that all our friends are equally alert and in contact on each other in case of any emergency. Here are the updates as Hurricane sandy closes:-

Hurricane Sandy : Updates @ 9:30 AM EST

Hurricane sandy ontario_ showers

Mild rain in the morning with temperature below 0°C and showers for almost 3 days now.

Hurricane sandy ontario_ winds

Strong winds with freezing effects for hands.

Hurricane Sandy : Updates @ 7:30 PM EST

We are inside the home, the wind outside is 47 mph and Feels like -3°C. Wind is too chilled and noisy outside. The wind was to strong that we were not able to stand properly. Also due to the alert low traffic on roads.

Hurricane sandy ontario_ roads

Definitely we are going to shore to take the pictures :). But will keep you updated as Hurricane sandy closes. For more updates…stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Hurricane sandy Ontario alert

  1. Good that you are keeping track of all the updates and safety measures.
    I hope that the weather becomes normal very soon and nobody suffers even a scracth.

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