Rails Review – Sealdah Rajdhani Express First Class AC

It was in our mind for long to do a Rail review and finally it came up to our hometown, New Delhi(The city of Heart, Dil walo ki dilli). The trip was the Sealdah Rajdhani Express First Class AC that connects Sealdah (Kolkata) and Capital City on India, New Delhi. We planned this return in such a way that it will in sight you ‘What to expect’ from First Class AC of Sealdah Rajdhani Express.

Sealdah Rajdhani Express First Class AC platform

We were quite excited about this trip as it was our last day in Kolkata and starting back to Delhi. Then from Delhi to North America, which will be in our upcoming posts :). Some important details before we start : –

  • First Class AC is primarily for politicians and VIP Quota. Though you can also get the tickets but with some efforts ;).
  • Second carry you ticket with you when you enter the cabin as absence of it will land you in payment lot extra penalty free.
  • Try to book 2nd or 3rd AC first as it can upgrade to 1st or 2nd and get cleared easily instead of 1st AC.

Ok enough of talks, lets begin feast for eyes.

Initial Preparation: Before the rail starts, a special dog squad scan is done in cabins for any suspicious items or activities. Then after the final green flag the express started for the destination. All the memories of Kolkata flashed in front of the eyes in just few minutes. The first person to greet is the Cabin Manager who gave all welcome red rose and drinks are served. And the Journey officially began.

Refreshments: We were in a 2 berth coupes which indeed is a delight for the couples. Then came the evening snacks and tea. The tray was almost filled with many small packets and a samosa. The tea was hot . We just relaxed and then the two and a half year time which we had in kolkata was rolling in front of us.Remembering friends and called all our good friends in Kolkata to say good bye. I was really wishing not to come back to here again( No Comments). Then before dinner time came the tomato soup (veg). It was nice and crispy. Reminded us the soup we had in Lolegaun. Hmm what a yummy soup. It was just past 15 min and came the dinner.The dinner with nice taste and good serving. Once the dinner was over the assistant took back the plates and greet Good night to us.The thoughts of kolkata was still part of our chat :). It was sleeping time i greeted N on her forehead and slept. Now the excitement was more to reach home. My Home Our Home Delhi.

Here are the review to our journey must be useful to you and if yes do post your comments on it. Will see you all in Canada now 🙂

Our Reviews for Sealdah Rajdhani Express First Class AC:-

Rail Type: National / Express
Class: First Class AC
Cost: Rs 3415 one way (if booked online)
Luggage limit: About 100 Kg
Food/ Quality: Good Vegetarian
Seats/ Bed space/ Clean: Good/ spacious/ medium cleanliness
In-Rail entertainment: Very frequent attendant visits
Duration: 17h 30m
Fee of booking via card: Rs 20
Option of choosing seat: Yes (Available online)

Finally reached New Delhi, warm welcome by friends and family. We will miss our great friends from Kolkata, who are great pack. See you soon….

Have you been in such travel types? Tell us about some of your favorite (or least-favorite) experiences.

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8 thoughts on “Rails Review – Sealdah Rajdhani Express First Class AC

  1. We travel by Sealdah Rajdhani at least 5-6 times a year both to and fro from Sealdah to New Delhi. Only reason to go by the train is duration is less than other trains and can’t afford to travel by air so many times. This continues since 2004.
    Before boarding train we ensure that enough food is with us like biscuits, cakes, juices and even paranthas !! Coz’ food served is very low in quality, too less in quantity which is not enough for our 8 year old son also. But surprisingly in may 2013 and june 2013, we had to pay some amount extra in the train to indian railways as fare had increased due to inflation. So the development was – 1 tea sachet instead of 2, no coffee in the morning, lemon sized cutlets, removal of patties from the evening snack, removal of jam, butter from an unknown brand, omellete made of not more than 1 egg, if boiled then size of egg is same as pigeon’s egg, and the list continues !! It is high time the railways do some thing about it. They should simply charge for the travel and stop giving food at all.

    • Totally agreed Sukesh, recently we had also the same experience. Somehow the rail service which is lifeline for so many, have to face these issues. The only excuse they provide, it is like this and only on board.
      We also complained sometimes but not much of change or impact. Yes they do serve well if someone special is on the train. Then you can easily expect good service.

  2. Recently I had a bad experience while travelling by Rajdhani Express from Hyderabad to Nizamuddin. At Agra, hundreds of daily passengers boarded the train and occupied the berths. Rajdhani has only AC coaches and is supposed to be a premium train with no general tickets available. The attendants had collected their tips after breakfast and then they went missing. TCs are never around when there is trouble.

    • Hi Dhanush,Welcome to MNTravelog. Recently we have heard quite often these kind of incidents and passengers experience. We have also contact the customer support. Hope they are listening.

    My first time travel in AC 1 of New Delhi Mumbai Rajdhani – Good food, very good service & an amazing experience (Family Tour-My wife Prarthana, Daughter Anshi Kalia & Son Devansh Kalia alias Chintu)
    What is strange about AC1 is that even if u book way in advance, the seats/ cabins r not allocated till the day of journey.
    Service started within 30 minutes of the start of journey. The server came in & pulled out two foldable tables from one corner of our cabin & set them up. He served freshly made thick vegetable soup. After a gap of almost 20 minutes, came the main course. Almost everything was freshly made. For cereals we had long grained boiled rice & freshly made tawa rotis. For main course we were served Very simple, not spicy, very tasty. The ice cream was standard ice cream. Next morning breakfast we had options – egg omelet, Banana, Bread toast, milk, cornflake etc. Overall, quite an interesting & memorable journey – look forward to some more in future.

    • Indeed Subhash, The services in Rajdhani are impressive though might have some hiccups some times as some of our site friends have faced. But still we can expect a good experience.

  4. I want to know that is sealdah new delhi rajdhani 1st ac coach is good choice for couple. Is it cabin system. Does it have only two seats for husband and wife.

    • Hi Kashif, Welcome to MNTravelog. The end cabin in the coach are sometime dual berths.Also, depends on the coach that will be added to the Rajdhani.

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