East Himalayan Trip : Kalimpong, WB

Our journey to east India from 25th Jan 2011 – 30th Jan 2011.
Lolegaon, WB : Day 1
Lava, WB : Day 2.
Reshyap, WB : Day 3

Kalimpong, WB : Day 4

Early morning we started from Reshyap by the 4X4 of the owner Chun Chun Bhutia (09609932879). A real stylo personality :). He first said that jeep will go by the LAVA rules chart or something then we bargained a little and it settled at INR 1600/-. Before moving to kalimpong we took a early morning walk and did some yoga. We also found a following friend in Reshyap.

Common room, Neora Valley resort, Reshyap, WB, mntravelog

Common room, Neora Valley resort, Reshyap, WB

After roaming around for an hour. We took our morning tea. And said good bye to a beautiful place headed towards Kalimpong. The 4X4 started climbing the hill and the track was mess. But as we descended the track became really nice and we were on full speed. Also we started to fell the change in the temperature. Started heating up !

way to kalimpong, mntravelog

Way to kalimpong

The driver was quite nice and told us about the place like a tour guide. On the way we saw water reservoir for kalimpong. And they are at quite many places thr.

PHED, Kalimpong mntravelog

PHED, Kalimpong

Then we stopped at the Hanuman Temple. A big statue of Hanuman ji. We took a walk uphill to reach the temple and saw the place a real amazing experience. Enjoy the snaps below:

Another beautiful temple next to Hanuman Temple, Kalimpong mntravelog

Another beautiful temple next to Hanuman Temple, Kalimpong

Hanuman Ji, Kalimpong mntravelog

Hanuman Ji, Kalimpong

View through Hanuman ji eyes :), Kalimpong mntravelog

View through Hanuman ji eyes :), Kalimpong

We then moved to see the Deolo Hills. WoW! what a nice spot. We simple felt beautiful about the place and location. We took 5/- per head entry ticket and just enjoyed the walk inside. There was also one lodge inside which we tried to book as per our previous trip plan. But they refused to book due to Gorkha Agitation. I would also suggest to stay at that place for a day. You will definitely enjoy the time with each other. We also found some paragliding area thr. You can catch them (Himalayan Eagle) at paraglidingkalimpong if you got a day to spare. :). I remember for regular flight (i.e 15 min ) they were charging INR 2300/- and for cross country (i.e. 30 min) they were charging INR 5000/- per head. Ok now lets see some pics of deolo hills now :D……..

Deolo Hills, Kalimpong mntravelog

Deolo Hills, Kalimpong

Deolo Hills 1, Kalimpong mntravelog

Deolo Hills 1, Kalimpong

Deolo Hills 2, Kalimpong mntravelog

Deolo Hills 2, Kalimpong

Deolo Tourist Lodge, Kalimpong mntravelog

Deolo Tourist Lodge, Kalimpong

After 20 min walk around the hill we moved to visit the Gufa. A very small cave whr the driver said the priest use to meditate and till now also some events happen. Actual I have doubt why it is called as Gufa. As we entered it after just 15 steps we came out of other end. Ok it is Gufa 😀

Gufa, Kalimpong mntravelog

Gufa, Kalimpong

Lord Buddha, Above the Gufa, Kalimpong mntravelog

Lord Buddha, Above the Gufa, Kalimpong

Front of Gufa, Kalimpong mntravelog

Front of Gufa, Kalimpong

I guess the write up for kalimpong will be more than any other so stay tuned for the next post for kalimpong.

Kalimpong, WB : Day 4 continues

4 thoughts on “East Himalayan Trip : Kalimpong, WB

  1. the beauty of north east india lies on the of kalimpong n darjeeling for that matter all the nepalis reciding areas including mirik,kurseong, lava, pedong, sikkim…n many more… the nature hs given its full time in arranging it in such a way that u get the bst of everything in these places n need not go around the world to find. when u stand on the hills n view its beauty u forget everything n start flying on the carpet of greenary towards heaven…. n this beauty is not only in its surroundings but in the heart of every nepali who stays there….one cannot find the best of human n nature relationship so beautiful than here.

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