East Himalayan Trip : Kalimpong continues…

Our journey to east India from 25th Jan 2011 – 30th Jan 2011.
Lolegaon, WB : Day 1
Lava, WB : Day 2.
Reshyap, WB : Day 3
Kalimpong, WB : Day 4

After visiting the quick gufa we started to the main town we also saw the Dr. Grahams Home with its own dairy, poultry and bakery. And then we reached the Pranami Temple (Mangal Dham) on Relli Road, dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is actually on downhill. And situated at nice place. From thr you can even see deolo hills. Before entering the temple we just thought it is a small temple. But by seeing the inside craft we were totally amazed. Temple has a very nice way to depict the phases of each part of Shri Krishna with the help of statues. The temple is very well maintained and garden very well flowered :). A must must see for all planning trip to kalimpong.  So now lets have some dose for eyes.

Pranami Temple, Kalimpong mntravelog

Pranami Temple, Kalimpong

Deolo Hill view from Pranami Temple Kalimpong mntravelog

Deolo Hill view from Pranami Temple Kalimpong

Inside Pranami Temple Kalimpong mntravelog

Inside Pranami Temple Kalimpong

Mangal manch, Pranami Temple Kalimpong mntravelog

Mangal manch, Pranami Temple Kalimpong

Then we started to move some more points before dropping for any stay in kalimpong. The property now belongs to WB government. And not allowed to go inside.

Of course we went to the Pineview nursery. On the way we also saw the Chitra-Bhanu: The cottage where the famous poet Rabindranath Tagore used to stay.

Chitra-Bhanu, Rabindranath Tagore House, Kalimpong mntravelog

Chitra-Bhanu, Rabindranath Tagore House, Kalimpong

Chitra-Bhanu closeup, kalimpong mntravelog

Chitra-Bhanu closeup, kalimpong

Close to the place was the Pineview nursery, unfortunately that was also closed. Well real piss off situation as the day was not sunday when we reached to view it. Never mind just took some snaps from outside.

Pineview nursery, kalimpong mntravelog

Pineview nursery, kalimpong

Pineview nursery view, kalimpong mntravelog

Pineview nursery view, kalimpong

Favourite pet of kolkata :), Pineview nursery, kalimpong mntravelog

Favourite pet of kolkata :), Pineview nursery, kalimpong

Now we became quite tired and came back to the Gompu’s ( Bar, restaurant and hotel) @ INR 900/-. We choose it as it was very near to stand in main town and shopping easy. We booked thr and took some fuel and nap. We also took some cake from C’s which was on same road itself and having fresh bakery stuff. Then we started to roam the area. It is small and you can easily roam it with an hour or so. We tried some shopping. We also enquired about he shared cab to NJP for the next day. For dinner we went to China Garden, lal galli which is very near to stand. The market closes by 7:00PM approx, so after 2 hours of unplanned roaming we returned to the hotel and enjoyed rest of the time with each other and enjoying the snaps.

Gompus, kalimpong mntravelog

Gompus, kalimpong

Inside Gompus, kalimpong mntravelog

Inside Gompus, kalimpong

Main crossing, kalimpong mntravelog

Main crossing, kalimpong

Main crossing sign, kalimpong mntravelog

Main crossing sign, kalimpong

As in most hills no night life so all is calm and cool in the night in the area. But definitely the bar was on the joy feat. We then took rest :).

The day of return from kalimpong will be in coming installment :D…. stay tuned.

Siliguri, WB : Day 5

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