East Himalayan Trip : Reshyap, WB

Our journey to east India from 25th Jan 2011 – 30th Jan 2011.
Lolegaon, WB : Day 1
Lava, WB : Day 2

Reshyap, WB : Day 3

Our driver took us to Chhangey falls and then we reached to Reshyap ( thanks god we din’t track, we really do not feel that track is suitable for tracking. Quite a lot landslide and  uneven track.) and felt like we reached on top of hill . All in 360, nice n calm village, but all clouds.

Morning Light, Reshyap, West Bengal, mntravelog

Morning Light, Reshyap, West Bengal

Reshyap Village, West Bengal, India, mntravelog

Reshyap Village, West Bengal, India

We were hoping to see the K2 range at least here, but :(. The Valley is reflecting true Himalayan all around. Not much shops, no concrete roads, no traffic, only pure nature and mountains. You can find one resort at one place and other at other end. Simply fantastic. So much of stair farming can be seen around.

Stair farming, Reshyap, West Bengal, India, mntravelog

Stair farming, Reshyap, West Bengal, India

All full of fogs. I love the nature over there.

Points to see:
No points, every step is admirable. So enjoy it with deep breath.  🙂

We stayed in Neora Valley resort. The best part I liked they have Swing in front of there rooms. And campfire costing INR 160/- . Well power problem is also here and for heater they asked INR 200/-. So we charged our own heater and saved that money :). Also on the geyser as soon as you enter the room. Room was equipped with dish tv but no channels.

Neora Valley Resort, Reshyap mntravelog

Neora Valley Resort, Reshyap

Neora Valley Resort,inside cottage, Reshyap mntravelog

Neora Valley Resort,inside cottage, Reshyap

So we just took a night walk and enjoyed rest of the night in beautiful space.

Night in Reshyap mntravelog

Night in Reshyap

Don’t forget to take morning walk there, u will feel what I am unable to frame in words.

Reshyap Village morning walk mntravelog

Reshyap Village morning walk

River of clouds, Reshyap mntravelog

River of clouds, Reshyap

Temple, Reshyap mntravelog

Temple, Reshyap

The place is very nice for honeymoon. Very calm, in the lap of clouds n mountains and both together :D. Such a nice combination. Food was also nice and you will get lot of time to enjoy 🙂 the warmth.

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2 thoughts on “East Himalayan Trip : Reshyap, WB

  1. There is very less information about Rishyap . I f you provide how to go there direct from Kolkata and where to stay then it will be great help for me.

    • Hi Farzina, Welcome to MNTravelog.com. Good to know that you are planning for Rishyap, a beautiful place to enjoy. Rishyap is not a place of sight seeing though but more to enjoy mountain valley, 360 degree K2 view and more of private moments…:)
      To reach Rishyap you have to get to NJP and then plan to reach LAVA. From there a 4×4 jeep will take you to Rishyap. Or from Kalimpong you can also reach to Rishyap.
      You can also read our start trip post for more details. Hope you find the information useful. Do reply us for any other information.

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