The Humble Administrator’s Garden Suzhou, Jiangsu China

This time we went for a beautiful journey to Suzhou (previously transliterated as Su-chou, Suchow, and Soochow). Which is a major city located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province in Eastern China. From Shanghai it is just 22-30 min journey with high speed train.So Question arises ‘How to Travel Suzhou?’.But lucky us as Truly saying this was a very smooth travel. We can truly caption it as ‘Easy Suzhou Travel in Peace’ ;). This time we were accompanied with my seniors and Chinese friends. So no worry we were enjoying with the beautiful colorful and lovely scenery all round. You can check  Continue reading

The Tiger Hill Suzhou, Jiangsu China

The Tiger Hill

This hill is famous for it Sword Testing Stone and Oldest Pagoda in Suzhou.The biggest problem we found is TAXI. There was no taxi available .We waited for taxi for around two hours walking from Master of Nests.You will find many two wheeler driver Be Careful !!!!!!

We took bus no 1 that drops us to Tiger Hill. In fact that is the last stop for bus.It was 20 min drive we all had a nice nap in bus.We all were low battery when we got down from bus. Continue reading

The Master-of-Nets Suzhou, Jianshu China

The Master-of-Nets Garden

Also known as “Ten Thousand Volume hall”.It is not very big garden but clearly reflects the simple and traditional but classic style of living.The Garden is decorated by many painting and writing in different rooms.Our Chinese friend  told us that this garden is constructed by painter.All the painting in the garden are painted by himself. The painter had designed this place and gifted to his brother. So it is excellent example to any gift.

Originally the garden was designed in Song dynasty.After that it moved to many ownership and reached to Qing Dynasty where It was redesigned by Song Zongyuan from whom the garden got it name.He many times called himself as fisherman in is writing. That’s how the garden named as “Master of Nets”. Continue reading