Life In China : Zindagi us Par

Life in China MNTravelogDate 19th May 2012.It’s now almost more than month for us to be back in our country to India. It was full one year assignment that we had in China. And we enjoyed our Life In China. Coming to China was also excited . Last early December (2011) I was seeing movie ‘American In China’ which was pictured in Shanghai. I just wished that maybe I can see such a cosmopolitan city. Continue reading

Yandang Mountain Trip, Wenzhou City, China

Yandang-Mountain-Trip,-Wenzhou-City,-China-MNTravelogHullah from MN!!!

As my stay in china will soon going to ramp up so I was thinking of adventures trip. Meanwhile I got an offer from my Chinese friend to join their trip to mountain. After enquiring about the mountain I came to know that Yandangshan (‘Yandang’ – as name of mountain ‘Shan’ means mountain) is china top ten must see mountain. Yellow mountain being top in list I accepted the offer and there starts the excitement of the trip. My friend told me it will be cold there so carry warm clothes. Winter has an advantage that to you can carry fewer clothes but in turn increases the weight of woolens and jacket. But our trip was two day trip so I just carried an extra T shirt and night wear with me with Lot of food as being I am a vegetarian.

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Severe Typhoon Muifa, Alert Shanghai China : live

Mufia-typhoonIt’s been a week about this news and our week old plan cancelled to visit the Chong Ming Island. But now its time to live the moments of the Super Typhoon Muifa hitting Shanghai, China tonight.

Muifa is expected to be one of the most powerful storms to hit China in recent years. It would bring strong winds and heavy rains. Muifa typhoon has already made serious damages in Philipinnes. Continue reading

The Tiger Hill Suzhou, Jiangsu China

The Tiger Hill

This hill is famous for it Sword Testing Stone and Oldest Pagoda in Suzhou.The biggest problem we found is TAXI. There was no taxi available .We waited for taxi for around two hours walking from Master of Nests.You will find many two wheeler driver Be Careful !!!!!!

We took bus no 1 that drops us to Tiger Hill. In fact that is the last stop for bus.It was 20 min drive we all had a nice nap in bus.We all were low battery when we got down from bus. Continue reading

The Master-of-Nets Suzhou, Jianshu China

The Master-of-Nets Garden

Also known as “Ten Thousand Volume hall”.It is not very big garden but clearly reflects the simple and traditional but classic style of living.The Garden is decorated by many painting and writing in different rooms.Our Chinese friend  told us that this garden is constructed by painter.All the painting in the garden are painted by himself. The painter had designed this place and gifted to his brother. So it is excellent example to any gift.

Originally the garden was designed in Song dynasty.After that it moved to many ownership and reached to Qing Dynasty where It was redesigned by Song Zongyuan from whom the garden got it name.He many times called himself as fisherman in is writing. That’s how the garden named as “Master of Nets”. Continue reading

Exploring China : Beijing Forbidden City

Day 1 : Traveling to Beijing from Shanghai, Capital Museum, Summer Palace
Day 2 : Exploring ChangLing Ming Tomb and Jade factory
Day 2 Contd…: Badaling Great Wall
Day 3 : Temple of Heaven


Way to Reach Forbidden City from Temple of Heaven: Subway Line 5 from Tiantan Dongmen to Dongdan. Change to Line 1 and get down to Tiananmen W or Tiananmen E. Both will be equal distance to Forbidden city. Continue reading

Exploring China : Beijing Temple of Heaven

Day 1 : Traveling to Beijing from Shanghai, Capital Museum, Summer Palace
Day 2 : Exploring ChangLing Ming Tomb and Jade factory
Day 2 Contd…: Badaling Great Wall

This is our last day for the amazing three day trip. But still we feels that we some more days to explore it. We had our complimentary breakfast in hotel and started our journey at around 9:30 AM. We first took the subway to reach the TEMPLE OF HEAVEN.

We took Line 2 Guomao to Dongdan Subway. Change to Line 5 from there and reach TianTan DangMen Subway. Take Exit A1 you will see East gate Temple in front of it. Outside other subway Exit you will find Direction Board for East Gate Temple of Heaven but written in Chinese. So Remember 天坛公园 symbol means Temple Of Heaven Park. Continue reading

Exploring China : Beijing Badaling Great Wall

Day 1 : Traveling to Beijing from Shanghai, Capital Museum, Summer Palace
Day 2 : Exploring ChangLing Ming Tomb and Jade factory

Time for us to visit the wonder of the world. Yes, after visiting Changling Ming Tomb and Jade Factory we headed towards Badaling Great Wall. Which is within Yanqing County, one of the two counties in Beijing.

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