East Himalayan Trip : Lava, WB

Our journey to east India from 25th Jan 2011 – 30th Jan 2011.
Lolegaon, WB : Day 1

Lava, WB : Day 2

So after so many phone call we were able to transfer our booking of second day from Lolegaon to Lava. There are two ways to move to Lava :

  • Book independent taxi from kaffar bazar (bus stand).
  • There is only one bus (Mountview Tour & Travellers by H.T.D.W.A , Motor Stand, Kaffar Bazar) which moves from Lolegaon Bus stand at 12:30 PM.This starts from lava at 10:30 AM. Bus charges @ 40/- per head.

We opted for bus as we got all things cleared by 11:30AM. We reached to lava by 2:00 PM. We were dropped at lava stand. Continue reading

East Himalayan Trip : Lolegaon, WB

Start point : Sealdah, WB.
Nature Day’s : 25th Jan 2011 – 30th Jan 2011.
Visit’s point : NJP > Lolegaon > Lava > Rishab > Kalimpong > Siliguri > NJP.
Stayed In : WBFDC, Neora Valley, Gompu’s.
Photo clicked : 800 Approx ©

Another lovely trip of our life. We knew that we have wings of Adventure in us and now we are feeling like moving in that wind. It feel as if we are living our dream. Let us share with you our trip we lived.

Before we share anything, let we introduce you to the key important things for the trip.  Continue reading