East Himalayan Trip : Lava, WB

Our journey to east India from 25th Jan 2011 – 30th Jan 2011.
Lolegaon, WB : Day 1

Lava, WB : Day 2

So after so many phone call we were able to transfer our booking of second day from Lolegaon to Lava. There are two ways to move to Lava :

  • Book independent taxi from kaffar bazar (bus stand).
  • There is only one bus (Mountview Tour & Travellers by H.T.D.W.A , Motor Stand, Kaffar Bazar) which moves from Lolegaon Bus stand at 12:30 PM.This starts from lava at 10:30 AM. Bus charges @ 40/- per head.

We opted for bus as we got all things cleared by 11:30AM. We reached to lava by 2:00 PM. We were dropped at lava stand.

Lava bus stand mntravelog

Lava bus stand

It was more chilled in Lava. My fingers freeze there. We went to wdfdc reception and moved to our cottage. I got confused why the care taker is taking us to jungle and then I found all cottage between big big pine trees. It was awesome Check it out.

Way to Lava wbfdc cottages mntravelog

Way to Lava wbfdc cottages

But cottage was very chilled and moist. Even Lava have big electricity issue. So NO Heater 🙁 recommented to us saying “No Load”. But no doubt a great view of valley can be seen from the cottages. We were seriously freezed, they gave us advice to keep hot water bottle inside the blanket to keep the warmth. That just lasted for 20 min :).

We got booking in Dupka 3 for INR 900 for a day. The cottages are designed and named on the various architecture of Darjeeling. All the cottages are well maintained and beautifully placed on the edge of the hill with breathtaking view.

Dupka 3, wbfdc, lava, West Bengal mntravelog

Dupka 3, wbfdc, lava, West Bengal

Any way we checked-in the room. Switched on the Geyser first as same Electricity issue. At least even in no power also u will warm water to wash. Any way immediately we started to roam in Lava then.

Site to see in Lava :

Monestry : Walkable and very beautiful. We were almost in icy wind when we reached there. And when we entered the monestry suddenly we were lost in clouds and whole of the atmosphere become divine. Then the prayer started and that was quite loud inside.

Monestry Entrance, Lava mntravelog

Monestry Entrance, Lava

Inside Monestry, Lava  mntravelog

Inside Monestry, Lava

Monestry , Lava mntravelog

Monestry , Lava

Glass House: It’s a green house which was closed when we reached as it was very chilled at that time.

Way to glass house, lava, mntravelog

Way to glass house, lava

Glass house, Lava mntravelog

Glass house, Lava

We were able to see more nature outside the glass house than inside.

Museum: Don’t know what inside it as we went three times but was closed every time. Power was not thr. Really off season :(.

Museum, Nature Interpretation Centre, Lava mntravelog

Museum, Nature Interpretation Centre, Lava

Chhangey falls: It was at a distance of 14 km . Need to book independent cab @900/-. But the fall is worth seeing very beautiful and way to fall was total roller coaster . I was simply chanting for safe back to lava. We planned it for next day. We booked cab for Chhangey falls and the drop to Rishab @ 900+ 400=1300/-

One of our favorite point in Lava. A very nice place to stop for some time and just listen to the waterfall.

Chhangey falls, Lava mntravelog

Chhangey falls, Lava

Chhangey falls down the stream, Lava mntravelog

Chhangey falls down the stream, Lava

Really this is an alert to West Bengal govt. These places will attract tourist a lot If they will maintain and take care of these natural resources. Roads really needs a good makeover. Pine Tree, Tea Plantation, Sunset Point all on the way back to Lava but driver will again charge 400 extra for it. This real loot for tourist everywhere.

Finally we returned to the Lava stand and we then had soup and momos in one restaurant (In front of temple/Tower clock). You won’t be finding much option to eat. Only few gud restaurant available. We then checked out from Lava and started in same 4X4 to Rishap.

Some cute pic:

Dog chill, Lava mntravelog

Dog chill, Lava

Let’s move to third day of our trip Reshyap, WB : Day 3

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