East Himalayan Trip : Lava, WB

Our journey to east India from 25th Jan 2011 – 30th Jan 2011.
Lolegaon, WB : Day 1

Lava, WB : Day 2

So after so many phone call we were able to transfer our booking of second day from Lolegaon to Lava. There are two ways to move to Lava :

  • Book independent taxi from kaffar bazar (bus stand).
  • There is only one bus (Mountview Tour & Travellers by H.T.D.W.A , Motor Stand, Kaffar Bazar) which moves from Lolegaon Bus stand at 12:30 PM.This starts from lava at 10:30 AM. Bus charges @ 40/- per head.

We opted for bus as we got all things cleared by 11:30AM. We reached to lava by 2:00 PM. We were dropped at lava stand. Continue reading