Exploring China : Beijing Forbidden City

Day 1 : Traveling to Beijing from Shanghai, Capital Museum, Summer Palace
Day 2 : Exploring ChangLing Ming Tomb and Jade factory
Day 2 Contd…: Badaling Great Wall
Day 3 : Temple of Heaven


Way to Reach Forbidden City from Temple of Heaven: Subway Line 5 from Tiantan Dongmen to Dongdan. Change to Line 1 and get down to Tiananmen W or Tiananmen E. Both will be equal distance to Forbidden city. We were there on Sunday. Outside Forbidden city we saw a big crowd of people in queue to get in. We also joined them but were confused whether we have to take some ticket or not. But we came to know that ticket we will get inside. This queue is to control the amount of people in Forbidden city though out. Any way we get into Forbidden City and was bit convinced why it is known as city. It is spread so wide in all direction. With our present condition of legs it was challenging for us to cover all. So we decided to move straight and get come out from other gate. A very detailed map for forbidden city is here.

Forbidden City Beijing China MN Travelogue

Forbidden City Beijing Entrance pillar China MN TravelogueForbidden City Beijing fountain China MN Travelogue
After entrance and getting the tickets we headed to the The Meridian Gate, the emperors promulgated decrees here.

The Meridian Gate Forbidden City Beijing China MN Travelogue
We have a Golden Water River just before The Gate of Supreme Harmony. The River act both as decoration and fire control. Then came the gate. It is the biggest palace gate among the kind in the Forbidden City.

The Great of Supreme Harmony Forbidden City Beijing China MN Travelogue
It was getting quite boring as all the buildings are of same architecture and such a big city to roam. But still we got some more power to view the city. We then saw The Hall of Supreme Harmony.  This hall is used to enthrone the emperor and it is also used for ceremonies which marked other great events and occasions.

The Hall of Supreme Harmony Forbidden City Beijing China MN Travelogue
Then we visited the The Hall of Complete Harmony, The Hall of Preserving Harmony, The Gate of Heavenly Purity, The Palace of Heavenly Purity, The palace of Union and Peace, The Palace of Earthy Tranquility each having a special feeling and pattern.

Thrown of King The Forbidden City Beijing China MN Travelogue

Marble Path for King The Forbidden City Beijing China MN Travelogue

It become so tiring for us that we simply started to gaze things and just want the exit gate. But to the surprise we also the CCTV Tower.

CCTV Tower Beijing China MN Travelogue

Branch Interlocked The Forbidden City Beijing China MN Travelogue
The branch Interlocked where after marriage Emperor and Empress’s sit. Also behind the tree we saw some very nice tiger statues. And very amazing lime deposits.
Nice Statue The Forbidden City Beijing China MN Travelogue

Finally we saw the exit board and we just thanked god. Then at the other side of the road at exit gate we saw The Shenwu Gate which was used to give time by bell and drums.

Shenwu Gate The Forbidden City Beijing China MN Travelogue

Then we simply said bye to the Forbidden City and took our last snap for The Golden River. It was a very nice experience to see something such a magnificent city.

The Golder River at exit gate The Forbidden City Beijing China MN Travelogue
Beware of Rickshaw outside Forbidden City. They will ask 3 Yuan to Subway but later they will tell it is 3 Yuan per minute. And then to they will distract you with longer way to wrong place. So don’t go with them and thrust your legs and walk to Subway.

We were left with 50% Tiredness 45% leg pain 5% Body Stress and 0% energy left to move to Tiananmen Square. So we decided to walk to Station. Way to Station: Took Line 1 to Xidan and change line to Line 4 to Beijing South Station. How much ever we were tired but no doubt Beijing is too Royal and beautiful. Very much structured and managed by government for tourist. So travelling from one place to other is very convenient. But take long holiday to visit Beijing.

Hope you find our site helpful for you also and enjoyed the snaps. Stay tuned in our journey to Exploring CHINA. Keep Exploring… 🙂

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