Happy Holi 2012 : Holi ke rang MN ke sang

happy-holiHappy Holiii…. “Holi ke din Dil Khil jaate he rango mein rang mil jaate he”. होली के दिन दिल खिल जाते है, रंगों में रंग मिल जाते हैं |

“Aaya Holi ka tyuhaar chaaya Rang besumar..” Holi Mubarukk… Holi MubarukkHoli Mubarukk Holi Mubarukk…

With all classy and ever listed song all around and air dresses with  red, yellow, blue, green , silver, gold colors. Holi the festival of colors is celebrated in most parts of Northern India, Pakistan and Nepal. This festival of colors is filled with all joy, excitement, games, dance, song and specially Bhang ( a traditional intoxicant liquor). Continue reading