Yandang Mountain Trip, Wenzhou City, China

Yandang-Mountain-Trip,-Wenzhou-City,-China-MNTravelogHullah from MN!!!

As my stay in china will soon going to ramp up so I was thinking of adventures trip. Meanwhile I got an offer from my Chinese friend to join their trip to mountain. After enquiring about the mountain I came to know that Yandangshan (‘Yandang’ – as name of mountain ‘Shan’ means mountain) is china top ten must see mountain. Yellow mountain being top in list I accepted the offer and there starts the excitement of the trip. My friend told me it will be cold there so carry warm clothes. Winter has an advantage that to you can carry fewer clothes but in turn increases the weight of woolens and jacket. But our trip was two day trip so I just carried an extra T shirt and night wear with me with Lot of food as being I am a vegetarian.

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