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Wishing you all a colorful and safe Happy Holi

Happy HoliHappy Holi…. “Holi ke din Dil Khil jaate he rango mein rang mil jaate he”. होली के दिन दिल खिल जाते है, रंगों में रंग मिल जाते हैं |

होली के पावन पर्व की सभी को हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं |

The feel of festival starts as our mothers start preparing lot of traditional dishes and sweets at home. So as Holi comes the most famous element of it is Gujia (A Cookie filled with milk product and dry fruits). Along with the Dahi badhe, Papad, Snacks are the key element to Holi. If you will see this is festival to spread sweetness and forget all our hardship so that sweetness also being seen in dishes.

Let this festival bring joy to all of us 🙂

We are one, finally

Couple-KissWell it was quite a rock and roll ride for us and almost 2 years of making of MNTravelog.com. And now its time for us to say “We are one, finally” 🙂

Yes! Muni weds Nidhi this February 15,2013 (don’t ask why not on 14th 😉 ), and of-course we be taken some time off from MNTravelog. Its just 2 and a half weeks time to prepare the big night and then off for moon. Continue reading

Our New Year toy!

Our new year toyWelcome back friends. Happy New Year! Hope you had a good one. We decided to push back our posts for this one, eagerly waiting for our new year toy. The order for which is accepted, rejected, cancelled, reordered and delayed but is finally here to make you jealous :).

Yeah! It is beginning of a new era in our photography eyes and a extra travel luggage. Which of course M will be carrying :). Well this doesn’t mean that we left behind our loving ‘Nokia N8‘. It is still our best companion for photography and fun. Continue reading

Mysore Dasara celebration

Mysore dasara Mysore Dasara celebration is a Royal Procession with history of over four century. If it is so attractive now than its glory must also be 400 times of today. Exploring yet another color of my land we started with a crash plan. Yes this time MN went all along the land with glorious history MYSORE. Tipu Sultan the Tiger of Mysore and what else I remember is Mysore DASARA celebration. Continue reading